Datafari on Docker

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UPDATE 08/08/16 : update of the post for Datafari v3

UPDATE 01/04/16 : beware that there is a bug with Docker toolbox 1.9.1 for the use of Cassandra (which is a component of Datafari). Update your Docker to 1.10+

This time, we’ll talk about the release of Datafari on Docker.

If you don’t know it yet, Docker is an emulation mechanism that works at a low level of the Linux kernel, hence making it faster than widespread technologies of virtualisation such as VMWare. As its name suggests, you can “dock” applications in an isolated manner, and it will work as a standalone system on your OS.

Although we recommend installing Datafari alone on systems when used in a productive environment, using Datafari on Docker allows you to quickly install Datafari without impacting the configuration and packages in place in your system. Just download the docker image, and the remainder is being taken care of by Docker.

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Integrating Solr with SPIP

Note: French version available at the second half of this blog entry.

Note Note: don’t hesitate to test our new open source package solution Datafari, which combines Apache ManifoldCF, Apache Solr and AjaxFranceLabs 🙂

SPIP is a well known open source platform. We wanted to share with you how to integrate graphically a Solr server with a SPIP server. The scenario is the following: you already have SPIP based web site, and you want to have a nice search functionnality based on the lastet Solr, to benefit from all its cool functionalities. You have set up a Solr, you have crawled your SPIP content, but now you want to have your Solr search in your SPIP website. This is what we present in this tutorial.

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