Entity Extraction Using the Tagger Handler (aka SolrTextTagger)

With its release 7.4, the Solr team integrated SolrTextTagger into the core of Solr. This tool that has been maintained separately for years (https://github.com/OpenSextant/SolrTextTagger) is now packed into Solr, and ready to use through a dedicated handler. In this blog we will first step you through the configuration steps to set it up. Those are presented into Solr’s documentation (https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide/7_4/the-tagger-handler.html) but we will repeat them here for the sake of completeness. And then we will present ideas on how to use it into your indexation and search pipeline so as to enhance the search experience of the users.

How does the tagger works ?

The tagger handler relies on a dedicated collection in which it stores the entities to be extracted. In this collection, one field is used to store the texts used to recognize each entity, and you may create as many other fields as you want to store other useful information about your entities.

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