The purpose of this blog is to help you on technologies related to Enterprise Search, in particular Apache Solr, ManifoldCF and Datafari. We want to help you better understand these technologies, by explaining here some of our experiences when using it or developing on top of it.

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  1. Thanks for a writing this article it’s much appreciated.
    There are close two zero articles about installing Solr in production. So thanks.

    I am on my 3′ day pulling the my hair out (; I can’t figure out how to have multiple cores each with its own schema using a config set for all the shared files.

    I have posted a question on Stackoverflow, maybe you can answer it? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49318900/can-a-solr-core-use-a-config-set-and-have-its-own-schema-file

  2. Hi Roman Pighetti,

    https://www.francelabs.com/blog/entity-extraction-using-the-tagger-handler-aka-solrtexttagger/, you mention the parent project OpenSextant, Thanks!
    Here I see you dive deep into SolrTextTagger itself — as a follow-up, I suggest an article on a fuller application using SolrTextTagger — OpenSextant’s Xponents is a full geotagger SDK and service (https://opensextant.github.io/Xponents/) that features the Solr 7.4+ Text Tagger.
    The code base for “SolrTextTagger” is no longer maintained under OpenSextant. But we still have active projects there, such as Xponents and Gazetteer.

    I am very interested in search tech integration and information extraction. I offer to co-author a blog post or provide inspiration on a topic. Thank you for the detailed blog post.

    Marc Ubaldino
    maintainer, author, co-founder, OpenSextant.org

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