Enterprise Search Europe in London – Open source focus

NOTE: this post has a French version at the bottom of this page.

Enterprise Search Europe is the largest european event dedicated to Enterprise Search. Looking at this year’s agenda, I have the feeling a particular highlight will be given to open source. As in the recent years, several case studies are dedicated to open source, but in addition, the keynote will be focused on it. Charlie Hull, CEO and cofounder of Flax, expert in open source enterprise search, will be sharing his thoughts on the future of search and the link betweeb search and big data. Other open source tracks include a migration from Exalead to Apache Solr (the talk will be given by France Labs, yeeepieeeee), and a round table on open source implementation. You can find more details on the ESEU 2015  programme page.

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Constellio 1.3 architecture part 3

Waiting for the 2.0 version of Constellio, we have decided to draw and explain the system architecture of Constellio 1.3
We thought it could help better understanding the way things work. This entry does not cover how these components are mapped to java classes, servlets, files and databases, but it gives a good overview of how it works.

This is the third and last entry of a series, as it would take too much time and space to explain all the components in one entry. Continue reading