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We are search engine experts Benefit from our experts or our solutions to search and analyse your big data.

Our Activities

Makers of Datafari

Our packaged search engine is always evolving, with one objective in mind: simplify the life of employees at work. We have several industry solutions, and you can adapt Datafari to your specific needs.

Cloud hosting

We host and maintain the Cloud / SaaS version of Datafari, for customers who are looking for Cloud options.


Our team of experts can assist you on your technical projects related to search engines such as Datafari, Elasticsearch and Solr. We propose missions of audit, consulting and development.


Our trainers have several years of experience on Datafari, Solr and Elasticsearch, and they share their knwoledge with your developers and project leads.


You already have your search engine in place, and you want the opinion of an external expert? You are starting a search project, and you need help for the architecture or the planning? Our audit services are the best way to start on these topics.


Our Customers