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To support our UK customers for Datafari installations, configurations and support.

Sease is our UK focused partner for Datafari integration. Sease is an information retrieval company based in London and focused on providing R&D projects guidance and implementation, search consulting services, training, and search solutions using open source software, mainly Apache Lucene/Solr, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch and Vespa. The company is also exploring cutting-edge AI and Machine learning integrations to Search .

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To satisfy the growing demand around Datafari on the French speaking market.

Adelean is a Datafari integration partner in the French-speaking world. Adelean helps companies implement powerful and relevant search engines for search, navigation, and data analysis use cases. As publishers of a2 - the search engine for e-commerce, and - the collaborative search engine, Adelean also specializes in integrating software such as Lucene, Solr, OpenSearch and the Elastic Suite. The company provides expertise and trains its customers to deploy these technologies in their information systems.

The Search Network

The Search Network is a network of international search experts, that publishes yearly its Search Insights report, freely accessible.

France Labs is part of this network, that contributes to many conferences worldwide. Their main contribution to search solutions is through their yearly Search Insights report, that contains recommandations and best practices about the many facets of search, be it for ecommerce search, for enterprise search or others.
Every year, France Labs translates the report in French.

The Search Insights 2021 report in French
The Search Insights 2020 report in French

Sease logo

To accompany our French customers to fully leverage Datafari.

Sollan is an integration partner of Datafari in France. The company is specialised in consulting and expertise activities on Enterprise Content Management, and that includes Enterprise Search. Independant from vendors, Sollan owns expertise on several enterprise search solutions, including Datafari.


To accompany our US customers to fully leverage Datafari.

KMW is an integration partner of Datafari in the USA. The company is specialised in consulting and expertise activities on open source technologies such as Apache Solr and OpenSearch, and obviously in Datafari. For the latter, they integrate, configure and provide first level support for their customers.


To accompany our German customers to fully leverage Datafari.

Raytion is an integration partner of Datafari in Germany. The company is specialised in consulting and expertise activities on search solutions and technologies, and it is independent from vendors. For Datafari, they can provide services integration, configuration and first level support.

Université Côte d'Azur Toulon

To make open source technologies better.

In order to reinforce our investments in R&D, we collaborate with the Côte d'Azur University, more precisely the Toulon team. Together with them, we work on strategic topics such as semantic analysis of textual, with a focus on advanced machine learning.


To push our innovation forward and grow faster.

During its infancy, France Labs was supported in its focus on innovation. From 2011 to 2013, we have been accompanied by the 2 incubators of Sophia-Antipolis, the incubateur TelecomParisTech and the incubateur Paca-Est.

Having reached a satisfying maturity (for a startup that is), France Labs is now flying on its own, after having spent two years at the center for innovative startups of Nice Côte d'Azur, the CEEI NCA.


A partnership for an easy setup and integration on the cloud.

France Labs is part of the Juju charm store partner program. It is managed by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, the famous open source operating system. This parternship allows juju charms users to have a datafari quickly at hand on the cloud, connected to Hadoop charms in order to quickly do big data searches.