# 2023

We presented the latest functionalities of Datafari 5.5 at the Search & Data Meetup à Paris, invited by our partner Adelean.

We were at the Digital Innovation Maker Summit in Paris on April 11th and 12th 2023, with our customer the BPCE banking group, to present Datafari and its advantages.

The site of the event

We were at the Digital Workplace / Documation conference, that took place from March 21st to 23rd in Paris.

The site of the event

Together with our customer the BPCE banking group, we took part to the Data Night 2023 Challenges, in front of a jury composed of CDOs from large compaies. The awards ceremony took place in Paris on Feb. 6th.

The site of the Data Night

# 2022

The annual conference Search Solutions is organised by BCS in London, and gathers technical search experts. We have two sessions there: a 3h workshop on using Datafari combined with Spacy to enrich documents indexed with named entities, and a short presentation on the same topic.

The page of the event

ESD in Washington DC is the reference worldwide conference on enterprise search. We had a booth, and gave a talk about the project done for our customer BPCE banking group..

The page of the conference

Since 2019, we translate in French the Search Insights report, produced by the search experts members of The Search Network. This yearly report gathers insights on how to best manage an enterprise search project, and is freely available.

The page with the various versions of the report

We took part to the one day brainstorming workshop organised by APELL, to share our experiences and procude recommandations. The APELL is a european association that unites national clusters of open source businesses.

The site of APELL

We were at the shared Open Source village of the Digital Workplace / Documation conference in Paris, to showcase our Datafari Enterprise Search solution and to take part to an open discussion. Documation and Digital Workplace are conferences focused on B2B tools and documents management.

The site of Digital Workplace

# 2021

We were at the Entrepreunariales 06 conference, organised by UPE 06, with a booth to promote what Datafari can do with regards to the digital transformation of companies on the French Riviera. The Entrepreunariales is a local conference dedicated to services for companies.

The site of Entrepreunariales

During the Open Source eXPerience conference in Paris, we had quite some work to do: in addition to a booth, we were hosting the Actueurs du Libre awards cerenomy, and we gave a presentation of open source search engines. OSXP is the largest open source conference in France.

The site of OSXP

We were at Industria in Nice with a booth to show what Datafari can do for the Digital Transformation of the industrial sector. Industria is the reference fair in the Riviera for the industrial ecosystem.

The site of Industria

We had a booth at IT Partners in Paris, the largest fair for resellers and integrators of IT products in France. Our natively cloud version of Datafari was having its premiere there.

The site of IT Partners

We were at SophiaConf 2021 from June 28th to 30th, with a technical workshop on Datafari. We are also the co-organisers together with Telecom Valley. It is the largest open source conference on the French Riviera.

Le site de SophiaConf

We delivered two talks about Datafari during Berlin Buzzwords. It is the biggest independent technical conference on search about search engines. Usually held in Berlin, it was this year fully virtual.

The site of Berlin Buzzwords 2021

We were at IMAgine Day 2021 on Feb. 3rd competing in the cognitive services category, with a customer presentation by IRT Jules Verne, in front of a panel of CIO and Innovation managers of large organizations. Datafari won the trophy of the Jury. Organised by the Innovation Makers Alliance, a cluster of CIOs and IT Innovation managers.

The site of IMAgine Day

# 2020

France Labs was at the WebSummit 2020 event, 100% online this year. It is the largest event worldwide on Information Technologies.

Web Summit website

France Labs was taking part to Slush 2020, 100% online this year. It is the reference event on innovation in Northern Europe, from September to November 2020.

Website of Slush

France Labs was presenting a real industrial use case on Datafari with IRT Jules Verne during the Search Day event in Paris, organised by Veille Magazine.

Replay video of the webinar

France Labs was taking part to the Big Data Paris 2020 conference on Sept. 14th and 15th. Taking place usually in March, this event was the first large IT event after the spring lockdown.

Site of Big Data Paris 2020

France Labs was attending the Digital Innovation Makers Summit in Paris on Feb. 4th and 5th, to interact with Innovation managers of large groups.

Site of the DIMS

# 2019

France Labs was present at the Paris Open Source Summit 2019, and was the president of the jury for the open source stakeholders trophies. The POSS is the largest French event on open source software.

Website of the POSS

France Labs was taking part to the Days On IT for Universities and Research, in Dijon, gathering IT stakeholders for and of universities and research labs

Site of the JRES

France Labs was showcasing at the Web Summit in Lisbon, as part of the delegation of the French Tech Côte d'Azur

Site of the Web Summit

France Labs was presenting at the Enterprise Search & Discovery Summit in Washington DC. It is the reference international event for major players of Enterprise Search and Insights Engine.

Site of the Enterprise Search Summit

France Labs took part to the Search Day and hosted a technical workshop on Datafari. Search Day is a seminar partially focused on enterprise search.

Site of the Search Day

France Labs hosted a technical workshop on Datafari at Sophia Conf 2019, the main conference on Open Source on the French Riviera.

Site of Sophia Conf

France Labs was taking part to ITES Deauville, a seminar about IT innovation gathering IT infrastructure and innovation managers of large groups, together with innovative IT companies.

Site for the CRIP events

France Labs was invited at the NATO Tide Sprint, dedicated to IT innovative at NATO, in March in Split, Croatia. We presented there the advantages of open source for enterprise search solutions.

Site of TIDE Sprints

# 2018

France Labs took part to the Paris Open Source Summit 2018, one of the largest open source event in Europe.

Photos taken at the POSS 2018

France Labs was at the Enterprise Search and Discovery Summit 2018, in Washington DC, the biggest international conference on Enterprise Search.

The site for ESD 2018

France Labs was present at the Digital Innovation Makers Summit 2018, in Nantes, which gathers IT innovation managers of large companies together with innovative suppliers.

Website of DIMS

France Labs was present at the BA06 Event, the innovation and startups event on the French Riviera.

The website for BA06 Event

France Labs was at the seminar on Innovation in Deauville, called ITES. It is dedicated to innovations for CIOs and head of innovations for large and medium enterprises.

The mini site for ITES Deauville

France Labs had a booth at the Big Data Paris Event. It is the largest French event on Big Data.

The website for Big Data Paris

# 2017

France Labs was present at the Paris Open Source Summit, the largest event for open source in Europe, for 2 days in Paris.

The Open Source Summit website

France Labs was at the Day Click for IT jobs, organised by Syntec Numérique, in Paris.

Website for Day Click

France Labs was at the Network Days dedicated to Education and Research, in Nantes, for 3 days.

The website of JRES

France Labs presented Datafari and Solr at the LibDay, part of the Devops D-Day in Marseille.

Devops D Day website

France Labs took part to the Search Day 2017, focused on Search and Watch, in Paris.

The Search Day website

France Labs was participating to Innovative City in Nice in July. This event is focused on smart cities.

The website for Innovative City 2017

France Labs talked at the International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualization, focused on search.

The site of II-SDV 2017

France Labs was at Documation in Paris end of March. Documation is a fair dedicated to document management tools and knowledge management. We presented there Datafari.

The site of Documation

France Labs was the ITES Deauville Seminar, where we presented Datafari 3.1 to a gathering of CIOs, CDOs and Innovation managers from large groups.

The site of ITES

France Labs was at the Big Data Paris Conference on March 6th and 7th, to showcase the big data capabilities of Datafari, but also to propose our expertise on Solr and Elasticsearch.

the site of Big Data Paris

# 2016

France Labs release early August version 3.0 of Datafari, with a simplified big data cluster management and new BI tools.

Download Datafari

France Labs was invited by E&Y on its booth, and won the E&Y challenge for an internal search engine.

Viva Technology website

France Labs will be at the Innovatice City conference in Nice on June 16th and 17th, to showcase the benefits of Datafari for Smart Cities.

Website of Innovative City

France Labs will be at the IT Innovation Forum Convention 2016 on June 14th and 15th in Paris, to discuss about the importance of search in companies with big data challenges.

Website of the IT innovation Forum 2016

France Labs will be present at the IT Partners fair, at Eurodisney on March 9th and 10th, to strengthen its sales partnerships on Datafari.

website of IT Partners

France Labs will be at the Big Data Paris conference on March 7th and 8th, to promote the big data capabilities of Datafari, Solr and Elasticsearch.

website of Big Data Paris

France Labs won the Get In The Ring France challenge, therefore we will fight for France at the European finale in London on Feb. 11th.

website of Get In The Ring

# 2015

As planned in our roadmap, we have released Datafari 2.1 on December, 16th, so that you can enjoy it during the holidays season.

jira of Datafari

Our presentation about big data search has been accepted, and therefore we will be in Paris on Nov. 18th and 19th at the Paris Open Source Summit, the largest european conference on Open Source.

Paris Open Source Summit website

Our talk on migrating from Exalead to Solr has been accepted. We will be in London on oct. 20th and 21st, to talk during Enterprise Search Europe, THE reference european conference on enterprise search.

the website of Enterprise Search Europe

Our talk proposal on integrating ManifoldCF and Solr has been accepted. We will be in Austin Texas on Oct. 15th to talk about it at Solr Revolution, THE largest conference on Apache Solr.

the website of Lucene/Solr Revolution

Datafari has been invited by Canonical to be on its Ubuntu booth at Strataconf. Part of juju program, the demo shows Datafari's capability to easily deploy with juju charms and index hadoop content.

Press Release about Datafari and Juju

We used summer to its fullest on R&D activities, and the result if Datafari v2 !

The website of Datafari

France Labs will be presenting Solr from a big data perspective, during the Data Science track at SophiaConf 2015. The talk includes a short intro to Solr, a demo of SolrCloud on our laptop and then on Amazon EC2 with more that 2.5 millions documents indexed. SophiaConf is the largest annual event on the Riviera about open source technologies.

the website of SophiaConf

We'll be presenting to curious and interested developers the Solr search engine, as well as its ecosystem incluing Hadoop, Banana and ManifoldCF. The Milano JUG gathers java developers from the region of Milan in Italy.

Milano JUG website

We'll be presenting Datafari and its big data capabilities during the IT Innovation Forum Paris and annual CRIP convention.

IT Innovation forum website

We'll be presenting to curious and interested developers the Solr search engine, as well as its ecosystem incluing Hadoop, Banana and ManifoldCF. The Genova JUG gathers java developers from the region of Genova in Italy.

Genova JUG website

We presented Datafari and its big data capabilities during the IT Innovation Forum Paris, in front of CTOs, CIOs, CDOs, investors and experts. As an acknowledgment of the quality and vision of our work, we won 2 awards, the best Big Data innovation and the best startup.

The article from Alliancy magazine

We are organising the Enterprise Search Meetup in Paris, that will be taking place at the NUMA in Paris. For this session, we'll welcome the talks of Mappy and Ardans, as well as a quick presentation of what's new in Solr 5.

Enterprise Search Paris meetup page

We'll be at Documation-MIS, the major event on document management, booth A23. We'll be officially introducing Datafari 1.0 .

Documation-MIS website

We are presenting the Solr search engine, as well as its ecosystem that includes Hadoop for Big Data, Banana for analytics and ManifoldCF for connectors. The Nantes JUG gathers developers of the Nantes region, who are passionate about Java and IT in general.

the Nantes JUG web site

We will be at TechInnov 2015, Orly airport. It is the largest B2B conference in Europe dedicated to innovation. Contact us if you want to meet there. Our proposal has been accepted after an analysis of the innovative aspect of our work, in particular on Datafari and Big Data.

the Techinnov website

# 2014

The France Labs team wishes you very happy holidays for the end of 2014, and see you in 2015 for new adventures.

The conference Les Interconnectés is one the major events on french territories and their usage of ICT. You can join us to discover our solutions dedicated to territories, including Datafari in cloud mode and on-premise mode.

the website of the event

During Search Day 2014, in Paris, we will give a use case on migration from Exalead to Solr, together with IFCE (Institut Français du Cheval et de l'Equitation). It is a good opportunity to discover the methodology of a migration project, and to get the insights from a customer who really did this move. Search Day is the only French conference dedicated to search tools, and it will be taking place in Paris. Registration is free.

the website of Search Day 2014

We are presenting the Solr search technology, as well as its ecosystem, to the developpers ecosystem. This includes Hadoop for big data, Banana for analytics and ManifoldCF for the connectors. The Geneva JUG gathers developpers in the Geneva area who have an interest in Java, and in information technologies in general.

Geneva JUG website

We are presenting together with Allopneus, on the usage of Solr for eCommerce, during the Lib'Day event. We will be talking about the functionnalities of Solr in the eCommerce area, and we will be sharing the knowledge of a major eCommerce player, Allopneus. The Lib'Day is organised for the French Tech Weeks, and it will be taking place in Marseille. Its goal is to present open source solutions that are mature for use in companies. Registration is free.

the website of the Lib'Day 2014

We are speaking at the World Gathering for Libre Software (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) in Montpellier, to present search solutions for SMEs. We will explain how search engines are positionned among digitization and CMS, what they bring in to better manage a company. The RMLL will be welcoming Richard Stallman, one of the founder of the free software movement. Registration is free.

Website of the RMLL

We will be speaking at Sophia Conf 2014, to present use cases combining Solr and Hadoop. We will be covering a short history as well as different scenarios on integration and usage. Sophia Conf is the largest event dedicated to developers on the French Riviera. The event lasts for 3 eveninings, and we'll be part of the Big Data session. Registration is free.

the website of Telecom Valley

We are invited by Numergy on their booth. We are starting a partnership with them, in order to propose our cloud search to additional customers. Solutions Linux is the largest event on open source in France. We are proud to propose Datafari in a cloud version, together with Numergy. Come see us at the Numergy booth! Registration is free for this conference which takes place in La Defense, Paris on May, 20th and 21st.

website of Solutions Linux 2014

We will be presenting the installation and usage feedback about Datafari, during the largest European conference dedicated to Enterprise Search. Located in London, this conference gathers the stakeholders of Enterprise Search, be it customers, consultants, analysts or software makers.

the website of Enterprise Search Europe 2014

We'll be presenting Datafari at lunch time during the open source event organised by Telecom Valley, at the Busines Pole, on April, 17th. The number of seats is limited, so please register.

website of the open source commission

We'll be presenting Solr and its ecosystem during an evening organised by the LavaJUG. You'll discover Solr and its ecosystem, with demos to understand how to quickly and easily setup an efficient search engine. The number of seats is limited, so please register.

website of the event

We will be animating a round table on open source at the MIS/Documation fair on March 27th, 2014 at the CNIT La Défense. Think about registering. MIS/Documation is the largest french-speaking fair on enterprise search, CMS and document management systems.

website of MIS/Documation

Join us at the Lyon Java User Group on Feb. 18th to discover Apache Lucene/Solr and its ecosystem.

website of the event, organised by the LyonJUG

We will be present at TechnInnov 2014, Orly airport. It is the largest B2B fair for innovation in Europe. Contact us if you want to meet. Our participation has been accepted after a thorough analysis of our innovations on Datafari and Big Data.

the Techinnov website

The France Labs team wishes you all the best for 2014, full of good search, full of big data, but also off course full of health and happinness.

# 2013

The France Labs team wishes you happy holidays on this year end, and see you in 2014 for new adventures.

France Labs and Patrick Duverger proposed a demo combining both Apache Solr and FreeDatamaps. They ended up first in the B2B category, at the SAP demojam contest which took place at the SAP Teched in Amsterdam on Nov 2013. Only six participants are selected each year for this european event, which welcomes the SAP ecosystem.
This price acknowledges the innovation efforst of France Labs, in particular in the area of data mining.
Cédric Ulmer (France Labs) and Patrick Duverger (FreeDataMap) presented their solution in front of several thousands of SAP experts. Runner up at the overall contest, they won the B2B category. Their solution « Search, Analyse, Propose » combines business intelligence with search engine technologies, enabling the simultaneous manipulation of both quantitative and textual data of an enterprise.

En proposant une démo technique combinant les technologies Apache Solr et Freedatamap, France Labs et Patrick Duverger ont été sélectionnés pour le SAP demojam qui aura lieu au sein du SAP Teched, à Amsterdam en novembre 2013. Seules six candidatures sont retenues chaque année pour cet évènement européen, qui réunit l’ensemble de l’écosystème gravitant autour de SAP.
Etant les seuls français sélectionnés, Cédric Ulmer (France Labs) et Patrick Duverger (FreeDataMap) présenteront leur solution devant plusieurs milliers de personnes, avec l’espoir de remporter la coupe annuelle du meilleur demojam. Leur solution « Search, Analyse, Propose » combine la business intelligence aux technologies des moteurs de recherche, permettant de manipuler aussi bien les données quantitatives d’une entreprise que ses données textuelles. Rendez-vous le 5 novembre au soir à Amsterdam pour connaître le nom du vainqueur.

France Labs is moving and leaves the Telecom ParisTech incubator. We are now hosted by the Nice startup accelerator. Our new address:

France Labs
CEEI - Nice Premium
1 boulevard Maître Maurice Slama
06200 Nice

Lors d'une visite de presse dans les bureaux du Business Pole, France Labs et Antibes ont présenté les premiers résultats concrets du partenariat signé en 2012, pour la mise en place d'un moteur de recherche innovant à Antibes. Avec des interventions de Mr Le Ministre Maire Jean Leonetti, Mr Patrick Duverger DSI d'Antibes, et Mr Cédric Ulmer, président de France, les journalistes et les spectacteurs ont pu découvrir la solution mise en oeuvre à disposition des 2000 employés.

France Labs et la ville d'Antibes présenteront leur projet de mise en place d'un moteur de recherche open source pour les employés municipaux.
La conférence Enterprise Search Europe est la plus importante conférence européenne sur le sujet des moteurs de recherche d'entreprise. Ne manquez pas cette opportunité de vous tenir à jour des solutions existantes, et bien sûr de passer nous voir ! Cette conférence aura lieu du 15 au 16 mai 2013 à Londres.

Ce 20 mars à Nice, France Labs sera présent à BA06, le salon des entreprises innovantes des Alpes-Maritimes. Venez nous rencontrer!

Notre prochaine session de formation sur Lucene / Solr aura lieu les 19 et 20 mars 2013 à Sophia-Antipolis. Ne manquez pas cette opportunité de vous former sur ces technologies majeures.

France Labs sera présent au salon international SMAU en Italie, plus précisement la session de février à Bari. Le salon SMAU est dédié aux technologies de l'information et de la communication pour les entreprises. France Labs y exposera ses produits et services, toujours focalisés sur la recherche d'informations pour entreprise. Passez nous voir si vous y allez!

# 2012

Le 13 décembre, France Labs s'est vu remettre le prix meilleur espoir SCS du concours régional TIC Innovation. Ce concours récompense les PMEs les plus innovantes de la région. La catégorie espoir SCS a reconnu les efforts de France Labs dans le domaine de l'innovation pour les moteurs de recherche en entreprise. France Labs investit fortement dans ses activités de R&D afin de révolutionner la recherche d'information en entreprise.

Nous sommes fiers d'annoncer que nous avons développé pour Nolife un outil de eRecrutement.
Nolife propose une plateforme pour les recruteurs, qui leur permet d'identifier des candidats. Nous avons utilisé Constellio comme base pour créer une plateforme moderne et efficace leur permettant d'identifier rapidement les meilleurs profils. Les fonctionnalités de l'outil permettent une recherche directe ou avancée, avec facettes sur les compétences, ainsi que l'autocompletion.
Les utilisateurs peuvent sauvegarder leur recherche et recevoir des alertes en cas d'apparition de nouveaux profils correspondant à leur besoins.

Article de InvestInCotedAzur

Nous avons le plaisir de mettre à disposition AjaxFranceLabs en open source, sous une licence Apache Licence V2.0, qui est compatible avec les besoins des entreprises. AjaxFranceLabs vous permet d'utiliser un framework web ajax aussi bien pour Solr que pour Constellio.
Nous espérons qu'il vous sera utile !

Les détails sur AjaxFranceLabs

France Labs faisait partie des intervenants lors de la Sophia Conf qui a eu lieu à Sophia Antipolis du 2 au 4 juillet 2012. Lors de la journée sur la thématique Big Data, nous avons présenté notre vision open source sur le Big Search.

Lien vers la page de l'événement

France Labs était présent au salon Solutions Linux les 19, 20 et 21 juin 2012 au CNIT à la Défense. Sur son stand, les sociétés, les associations et globalement tous les amoureux de l’open source ont pu découvrir la puissance et la maturité des outils open source Lucene, Solr et Constellio.
Pendant la journée du Printemps du Libre, qui avait lieu dans ce salon, France Labs a également tenu un atelier sur le thème du Big Search.

Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer la mise à disposition de la première image virtual box pré-configurée pour permettre de tester Constellio dans son environnement.

Les détails sur notre blog

France Labs était présent au salon Documation les 21 et 22 mars 2012 au CNIT à la Défense. Sur son stand, les sociétés et institutionnels ont pu découvrir la puissance et la maturité des outils open source Lucene, Solr et Constellio. France Labs y a également tenu un atelier sur Constellio.

France Labs était présent au salon BA06 le 26 janvier 2012 à Nice. L’occasion de renforcer son réseau de partenariat avec les sociétés innovantes de la région, ainsi que d’exposer ses technologies.

Le salon BA06

# 2011

France Labs était présent au salon des Entreprenariales le 8 décembre 2011 à Mandelieu, sur le stand de Telecom Valley. C’était l’occasion pour les acteurs de la région de découvrir les travaux de R&D de France Labs, ainsi que ses services sur Constellio, Solr et Lucene.

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