Big Data and Analytics

Datafari is our open source enterprise search solution, based on Solr, Elasticsearch and the Apache ManifoldCF connectors framework.

Available under Apache V2 licence, it is a complete enterprise search system. It proposes a set of connectors, as well as modern user interfaces, for both end users and administrators. Datafari also takes care of the security mechanisms. On top of it, we propose an enterprise level support. With Datafari, you have:

  • Connectors for many systems (Sharepoint, wiki, CMS, file systems, databases…)
  • A web based admin interface, with connectors management, usage statistics...
  • Analytics capabilities on data and queries, thanks to ELK
  • A user interface in HTML 5 / javascript, based on AjaxFranceLabs
  • Autocomplete, autocorrection and suggestions
  • Scalability for up to hundreds of millions of documents thanks to SolrCloud
  • Multingual system
  • Security management with connection to LDAP or AD
  • The only open source solution with a non aggressiv licence: Apache V2
  • Categories and facets management
  • Semantic

We decided to develop Datafari based on an observation:


There are many existing packaged search solutions, but none of them (at least recent ones) is available under Apache licence. This poses a problem to companies that want to create and distribute their own products based on these technologies. Thanks to Datafari, this becomes feasible. In addition, Datafari is the only solution that integrates SolrCloud, thus giving it the power to scale very easily.

Datafari is already running productively for our customers. The binaries are available on the reference site about Datafari. The Datafari source code is hosted on github. To discuss with the community, please use the Datafari forum on Google group. As this solution is permanently evolving, please contact us if you need more information or if you need our assistance.