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Our training on Datafari, to get a global knowledge. Delivered in French or in English. This 2 days training is for any developer or project lead that wants to understand and use Datafari.

Does not require any prerequisite on search engines or on Java.

This training will be providing you with strong foundations on Datafari, both on the concepts and the best practices. The training comes with exercices on the concepts and theories explained during the courses.
It is recommended to have prior knowledge on development or an applications management.

Détail des deux jours

Day 1 Day 2
Concepts of a search engine Sorting the results
Challenges tackled Facets (by date, by range)
Introduction to Lucene/Solr Structuring the index
Ranking calculus Synonyms
Introduction to ManifoldCF Indexing rich documents
Structuring the index Architecture of Datafari
Installing Datafari Clustered installation
Synonyms Results highlighting
Connection to LDAP or AD Users management
Analysing queries Introduction to Ajaxfrancelabs
Config files of Datafari Managing multiple languages
Performances Promolinks
Admin interface Security
Analytics on queries Analytics on data

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