AjaxFranceLabs is a contribution from our company so that the community can manipulate Solr data through an Ajax Framework.

Spiritually, it is a child of the AjaxSolr framework, and you'll see many similarities, in particular at the architecture level. The AjaxSolr has been a great source of inspiration for us.

Still, the code itself has been done from scratch (except for 2 classes which are almost copy pastes), as there were parts that were rather different, because of the differences between Constellio and Solr.

Although it is not part of the framework per se, we gave a particular care to the widgets that make use of our framework, because we know that you'll probably start with these widgets in order to get a hands on on our framework (you may even want to keep them as they are.

We hope you'll enjoy this contribution, and don't hesitate to leave us your feedback using twitter, facebook or google forum.

The technical details of Ajaxfrancelabs are available on our Datafari Confluence site

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